Besunder Learning

Robert Besunder offers online learning opportunities through Besunder Learning seminars, webinars and workshops. Where indicated, these programs are Law Society of Ontario accredited for Professionalism and/or Substantive hours.

Current and upcoming programs:

Start Me Up: Setting up your mediation practice from scratch – Live webinar – Date TBA

Personal Injury Litigation in the Small Claims Court (on-demand webinar)

Human Rights in the Small Claims Court (on-demand webinar)

Effective Legal Writing (on-demand webinar)

Here’s what people are saying about Besunder Learning programs:

“Concise paper and great presentation. Better or as good as LSO, LSUC and CBA courses I have taken over last 42 years.” – R.S., Lawyer

“Engaging, lots of very helpful information, well-organized and most of all delivered in a very accessible way that I could understand.” – J.C., Mediator

“The information was very clearly set out in the written materials and the zoom presentation was both very comprehensive and it emphasized key points. I gained a significant amount of practical up to date information.” – C.F., Lawyer

“The materials were excellent and Robert Besunder’s delivery was very easy going.” – M.C., Lawyer

“Thank you for a very informative webcast on this important issue.” – J.S., Paralegal

“I thoroughly enjoyed this outstanding presentation…You are to be commended for putting it together and presenting it in such useful clarity…Your presentation seen today was a highlight.” -H.C., Lawyer