Besunder Learning


Robert Besunder offers online and in-person learning opportunities through Besunder Learning seminars, webinars and workshops to the legal and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) communities.


Where indicated, these programs are Law Society of Ontario accredited for Professionalism and/or Substantive hours.


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See what people have said about Besunder Learning programs:

“Covered all the basics, just what was advertised and needed.” – KH

“Concise paper and great presentation. Better or as good as LSO, LSUC and CBA courses I have taken over last 42 years.” – RS

“The materials were excellent and Robert Besunder’s delivery was very easy going.” – MC

“Very informative and thorough. Excellent paper. Robert Besunder spoke from experience. Access to the recording is good. Good, practical advice for practitioners which I hope they heed.” – LW