Effective Legal Writing

Effective Legal Writing

On-demand Webinar (1 hour) – Recorded July 22, 2020


The changes and limitations imposed on litigation by the recent COVID-19 pandemic have shifted the emphasis from in-person oral advocacy to remote or online advocacy, and also to written advocacy. As a result, there is much more importance placed on the written materials being exchanged between parties and submitted to Courts for consideration.

Effective legal writing skills are even more necessary than ever before, to ensure that your message is conveyed in a concise, persuasive, and understandable way. This webinar will highlight some helpful hints and considerations in boosting the power of your legal writing, not just in your Court materials, but also in your communications with other legal professionals.

Program topics will include:

  1. Expectations under the Rules of Civil Procedure, the Rules of the Small Claims Court, and the Family Law Rules
  2. Expectations of the Law Society of Ontario
  3. Adopting an appropriate writing voice and tone
  4. Structuring a written argument, including planning with an outline, developing a hierarchy, answering a question before it is asked, filling in holes and merciless editing
  5. Using active not passive writing
  6. Employing rhythmic not repetitive language
  7. Making your writing simplified not simplistic
  8. The importance of storytelling
  9. Effective Proofreading

The webinar will include a PowerPoint presentation, with downloadable slides for participants.


This program contains 1 hour of Professionalism Content.