Human Rights in the Small Claims Court

On-demand Webinar (1 hour) – Recorded May 28, 2020


The Human Rights Code in Ontario has primacy over all statutes and regulation in the Province, and yet it is one of the least well-known pieces of legislation. It has implication in all aspects of daily life and business, including in the Courts. This includes the Small Claims Court. The Code offers protections for a wide range of grounds and for a wide range of individuals, including legal professionals and litigants. It affects how legal professionals deal with one another, and how they, and the Court, will deal with the people who use the Court.

This one-hour webinar will provide an introduction to the Human Rights Code, its protections, the role of the Law Society of Ontario, and will provide concrete examples of how the conduct of legal professionals and the Courts towards litigants may be affected by the Code, with specific reference to equal treatment with respect to services based on disability, ethnic origin and gender identity.

The webinar will include a PowerPoint slideshow presentation, and the slides will be made available to registrants.

The program has been accredited by the Law Society of Ontario for 1 Hour of EDI Professionalism Content.

This program contains 1 Hour of EDI Professionalism Content